50th European Solid-State Device Research Conference


46th European Solid-State Circuits Conference

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3. WORKSHOP | Non-Volatile Memories: Opportunities and Challenges from Devices to Systems

Chairs: Gabriel Molas (CEA) and Mahmut Sinangil (TSMC)

(Full content duration ~6h)


a) Non-Volatile Memory: Evolution and Outlook

Paolo Cappelletti (Non-volatile Memory Company Fellow/STMicroelectronics, Italy)

b) Spin transfer torque MRAM: taking advantage of shape anisotropy to increase down size scalability down to 5nm node

Bernard Dieny (Spintec/CEA Grenoble, France)


c) Status and perspectives of ferroelectric memories

Thomas Mikolajick (Namlab and TU Dresden, Germany)


d) Resistive switching memory for in-memory computing applications

Daniele Ielmini (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)

e) RRAM and its Dense 3D Integration for Abundant-Data Computing

Subhasish Mitra (Stanford University, USA) 


f) Introduction of Embedded Nonvolatile Memory from a Design Perspective

YD Chih (TSMC, Taiwan)


g) Analog Memory-based techniques for Accelerating Deep Neural Networks

Hsinyu (Sidney) Tsai (IBM, USA)