50th European Solid-State Device Research Conference


46th European Solid-State Circuits Conference

Chairs: Dominique Thomas (STMicroelectronics), Klaus Pressel (Infineon), Rainer Pforr (Zeiss)

Full content duration ~6h


a) Global Trends in Microelectronics and how Europe can address them

Joël Hartmann (STMicroelectronics, France) 

b) FeFET: A versatile CMOS compatible device with game-changing potential

Sven Beyer (GlobalFoundries, Germany)


c) RF SOI technologies for 5G and beyond

Yvan Morandini (Soitec, France)

d) Power electronics trends 2025

Herbert Pairitsch (Infineon, Austria)


e) Back side ohmic contact in 4H-SiC Power Devices

Simone Rascunà (STMicroelectronics, Italy) 

f) Novel Packaging concepts and their potentials for generating energy efficient electronic based systems

Hannes Voraberger(AT&S, Austria)

g) Advanced High Voltage Passive devices for Automotive and Power applications

Franck Murray (Murata, France)

h) Innovative Fan-out Wafer Level Package platform for sensor applications

Horst Theuss (Infineon, Germany)​

i) NIR-sensitive single-photon devices (Silicon photomultipliers and SPADs in custom technologies), for industrial and automotive LIDAR applications

Fabio Acerbi (FBK, Italy)

j) 3D ToF sensor design and it's application in gesture and object recognition

Sarah Blumenthal (Elmos, Germany)

k) Stress Reduction in Integrated Hall ICs using a Si Surface Trench

Marc Baumann (TDK-Micronas, Germany) 

l) Isotropic 3D Hall Sensors

Laurent Osberger (TDK-Micronas, Germany) 

m) MEMS – pushing the limits

Markus Sonnemann (Bosch, Germany)

n) Progress in High NA EUV Optics Development for sub-10nm resolution

Lars Wischmeier (Zeiss, Germany) 

o) Merging of photonics and micro-electronics- Photonics in UK 

Iwan Davies (IQE, UK)

p) Advanced Developments in the Field of IR Imaging Technologies

Patrick Abraham (Lynred, France)

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