50th European Solid-State Device Research Conference


46th European Solid-State Circuits Conference

Chair: Philipp Häfliger (UiO University of Oslo)

Full content duration ~3h


a) Introduction : The 3D-MUSE project

Philipp Häfliger (University of Oslo, Norway)


b) 3D Sequential Integration: towards analog on digital stacking

Camila Cavalcante (CEA LETI, France)


c) Inter-tier coupling effects and shielding in Sequential 3D integration

Petros Sideris (Grenoble INP/IMEP, France)


d) Merging PDKs to build a Multi-Process Multi-Tier 3D design environment

Mehdi Mouhdach (CEA LETI, France), Olivier Billoint (CEA LETI, France)


e) Ultra dense 3D integrated circuits and pixel parallel processing image sensors

Philipp Häfliger (University of Oslo, Norway), Mikkel Mikkelsen (University of Oslo, Norway)


f) Image sensor hybrid bonding and sequential integration

Jean Michailos (STMicroelectronics, France)


g) Design of Standard Cells with 3D Sequential Integration Technology for Multiply-Accumulate Operations

Arturo Prieto (Lund University, Sweden)

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