50th European Solid-State Device Research Conference

46th European Solid-State Circuits Conference

Chairs: Nadine Collaert (imec) and Stefan G. Andersson (Ericsson)

Full content duration ~6h


a) Power efficiency in the next generation of 5G-6G analog front-ends

Antonio Liscidini (University of Toronto, Canada)


b) System level perspective for 5G

Stefan Parkvall (Ericsson, Sweden)


c) mm-Wave digital PLLs

Bogdan Staszewski (University College Dublin, Ireland)


d) Power Amplifiers for 5G mmWave: State of the Art and Future Directions

Harish Krishnaswamy  (Columbia University, USA)


e) Flexible channel filtering by CMOS N-path filters in low-GHz Receivers

Bram Nauta (University of Twente, Netherlands)


f) Silicon Technology Solutions for 5G and beyond CommunicationsI

Alvin Joseph (GlobalFoundries, USA)

g) 300mm GaN-on-Si technology and Co-integration with Si CMOS

Han Wui Then (Intel, USA)

h) BiCMOS integrated circuits for millimeter-wave wireless backhaul

Andrea Mazzanti (University of Pavia, Italy)


i) EU project Beyond 5G

François Brunier (Soitec, France)


j) Compound semiconductor technologies for beyond 5G applications

Nadine Collaert (imec, Belgium)

 50th European Solid-State Device Research Conference

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 46th European Solid-State Circuits Conference